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Iditarod Trail 2021

Iditarod 2021 Map

Checkpoints Distance between Distance from Distance back to
Checkpoints Anchorage Deshka Landing
Deshka Landing N to Skwentna 67 83 785
Skwentna N to Finger Lake 40 123 745
Finger Lake N to Rainy Pass 30 153 715
Rainy Pass N to Rohn 35 188 680
Rohn N to Nikolai 75 263 605
Nikolai N to McGrath 48 311 557
McGrath N to Ophir 41 352 516
Ophir N to Iditarod 80 432 436
Iditarod/Flat/Iditarod Loop 20 442 416
Iditarod S to Ophir 80 432 336
Ophir S to McGrath 41 352 295
McGrath S to Nikolai 48 311 247
Nikolai S to Rohn 75 263 172
Rohn S to Rainy Pass 35 188 137
Rainy Pass S to Finger Lake 30 153 107
Finger Lake S to Skwentna 40 123 67
Skwentna S to Deshka Landing 67 83 0
Total 852

While the trail runs by Yentna and Takotna, they will not be checkpoints due to COVID-19 concerns. Using Deshka Landing as the start/finish, rather than the nearby Willow is for the same reason. The final 8-hour stop is at Skwentna on the run South. The other 8-hour stop has to be taken in the loop from Rohn to Rohn. The 24-hour stop must be take on the run North at or before Iditarod.

The Dalzell Gorge and Stepping Stones on the way South should be “interesting”.


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