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In Tech News

I got an e-mail supposedly from ‘Google+ All Domain Mail Team’ at postmaster @ googleplus.com.us telling me to sign in to my e-mail account using the link they provide. The thing is, their link goes to www.lllearners.com; I have no connection to Google+; and I don’t do webmail.

One of the lamest phishing expeditions ever.

The BBC reports that the US Postal Service employee information was hacked. The only non-employees who might affected are those who use the USPS call center, rather than the ‘Net site or local post offices.

Finally they provide some coverage of Joan Clarke, woman who cracked Enigma with Alan Turing. She was one of several women who worked on the project that are almost unknown to the world. Some of her story is told in a new film that was just released.

November 10, 2014   6 Comments

News Drought Continues

The BBC had a short video, Royals commemorate Remembrance Sunday, that was of interest to me basically because Queen Elizabeth seems to have much better balance than either her husband or eldest son. If you watch the three mount the steps, and back off, the Queen is confident in backing, but both Phillip and Charles are unsure of where they are when moving backwards.

That was for me the most interesting thing on the news sites.

November 9, 2014   2 Comments

Again With No News

There really isn’t much going on that is new. It is possible that the media is still burned out by their irrelevant election coverage. Well, we held an election and almost no one came. In a lot of places the choice was between a Democrat running like s/he was a Republican and a Republican. Since Democrats didn’t really have a candidate in the race, they didn’t bother to vote.

No one really cares about the political ads for candidates, so the money would be better spent getting people to the polls.

We are waiting for the next cold front to move through. It has been generating very windy conditions in Alaska and about to bury Alberta in winter momentarily, so it is coming. My weather is due to begin warming some Monday, but it will only last two or three days before the temperature drops again.

November 8, 2014   No Comments

Friday Cat Blogging

Moms Are Moms

Friday Cat Blogging

Mom, please stop!

[Editor: Tadpole isn't thrilled that Ms Underhouse decided to groom him. This is the cat version of the handkerchief/spit procedure.

Friday Ark

November 7, 2014   No Comments

How Bad Was It

I was so bummed out about the election that I forgot about Bonfire Night, the commemoration of the Gunpowder Plot. I now understand why Anonymous wears Guy Fawkes masks.

Of course, in the US only Republicans think that blowing things up will solve anything, but they are consistent in advocating the use of force for everything that happens. That’s why they get along with the Likud Party of Israel so well.

Another reason it slipped my mind was that I was reading a book suggested by Steve Bates: Three Bags Full. It is the story of an investigation of the death of a shepherd in Ireland by his sheep written by a German. I liked it and it occupied me most of the day.

Anything was better than contemplating four more years of the Fraudster-in-chief. At least he won’t get to appoint three Florida Supreme Court Justices, thanks to the failure of Amendment 3.

November 6, 2014   20 Comments

Election Results

Well, at least Amendment 1 passed and Amendment 3 failed. Those were my ‘wins’ this time.

Amendment 2, the medical marijuana initiative got 57% of the vote, but you have to get 60% to pass an amendment.

After all of the noise about anger with incumbents, that’s how people voted in Florida in the final analysis, for incumbents. Sad really.

November 5, 2014   3 Comments

They Have Lost Their Minds

Echidne posted that a teacher resigned when her school wanted her to take a 21-day leave and produce a note from her doctor because she had been on a medical mission trip to Kenya. The distance from where the Ebola outbreak is and Kenya is about the same as LA to NYC, or Dublin to Moscow.

Connecticut is the current leading contender for “Dumbest Reaction by State Officials to Ebola” as they quarantine people for just about any connection to East Africa or an Ebola patient.

While looking at stories about Connecticut I ran into a lot of negative comments about Kaci Hickox from people upset that she actively opposed being quarantined. The general reasons for these people being upset seemed to be: she’s female; she’s educated; and she’s ‘uppity’. These people felt she should have just done what the males wanted her to do and ignored her direct knowledge of dealing with Ebola because ‘Father knows best’ and imply she was a direct threat to their personal health. The anti-intellectual misogyny was something to behold.

November 4, 2014   No Comments

I Voted

Voting Sticker

It took me less than 5 minutes at a little after 2PM CST as I was the only one in the place.

From the signs just outside the exclusion zone I see that Amendment 1 is supposed to be ‘a land grab’. I’m not sure how dedicated funding to a trust to buy land translates into a ‘land grab’, but some people seem to believe it.

Amendment 2 is supposed to support drug abuse. How replacing Oxycotin and other addictive narcotic pain killers with marijuana supports drug abuse is beyond me, but some people believe it enough to have signs printed.

So far my vote has counted, as I can see them in the counts in Okaloosa County.

November 4, 2014   6 Comments

Just Vote

The polls are open in West Florida from 7AM to 7PM CST, so if you haven’t already voted by absentee ballot or during early voting, make the effort to get to polls tomorrow.

Let’s see if we can have an election that actually reflects ‘the will of the people’ rather than the will of those people who bother to vote.

I’m voting NO on Amendment 3, because it is another political power grab to give power to lame duck governors.

I’m voting YES on Amendment 1 to help preserve some of what people love about Florida before it is all paved over or covered with over-priced McMansions on small lots.

I’m voting YES on Amendment 2 because it doesn’t legalize marijuana, it makes it a prescription drug which has fewer side effects than the drugs now prescribed to treat specific symptoms of a limited range of medical conditions. Medical research says it works, so it should be available.

I’m voting against the retention of any of the current judges on the First Circuit Court of Appeals because of the outrageously expensive palace they had built for their new offices and court house. That was not ‘judicial’ use of public money.

November 3, 2014   No Comments

Just Warming Up

Interstate 10 was the dividing line between above and below freezing this morning. In a week we have gone from watching the heat index to the wind chill. I’m wearing wool socks and long johns rather than no socks and briefs after spending time locating winter clothes.

The temperature is going back up for the rest of the week which makes this time of year a real pain. You don’t know which pile to dress from until you look at the late night weather report.

Still, it is better than being in Cabo San Lucas on Baja Sur and watching Hurricane Vance out in the Pacific. Cabo already got nailed by Odile in mid-September and many of the structures were severely weakened. If the storm doesn’t take the forecast turn to the West midweek, Cabo may take another hit.

November 2, 2014   12 Comments

US Clock Change This Weekend

Daylight Savings Time

Daylight Savings Time ends in the US Sunday morning, November 2nd at 2AM. It becomes 1AM and you get an extra hour of sleep, unless you work the “graveyard shift”.

Most new devices make the change automatically, although many, like my clock radio, change under the old system and have to be ignored for a couple of weeks.

“Fall back – Spring ahead”

November 1, 2014   No Comments

Our Next Contestant

For “Dumbest Reaction by State Officials to Ebola” is Louisiana…

The CBC reports: Ebola fears infect Louisiana medical conference

Ebola fears have infected a U.S. medical conference on the subject. Louisiana state health officials told thousands of doctors planning to attend a tropical diseases meeting this weekend in New Orleans to stay away if they have been to certain African countries or have had contact with an Ebola patient in the last 21 days.

So they are so concerned with Ebola that they don’t want experts on the disease to meet and exchange current information on the disease and how to combat it.

The people attending the conference are professionals. They know what to do if they suspect they have symptoms, which is more that the state health officials in Louisiana know.

October 31, 2014   No Comments

Hickox – 2 Governors – 0

Maine’s governor LePage just learned what New Jersey’s governor Christie was shown – don’t mess with the red-head.

The BBC reports: No forced quarantine for nurse Kaci Hickox

A judge in the US has ruled in favour of a nurse fighting a state quarantine order since returning from treating Ebola patients in West Africa.

Judge Charles LaVerdiere ruled Kaci Hickox did not need to be isolated or restricted in her movements because she is not showing symptoms of the virus.

She was ordered to monitor her health, which she has been doing all along. She is a professional and knows about Ebola. If she does discover a symptom of any kind, she will go to a hospital immediately because she knows that’s how you recover from the disease.

October 31, 2014   2 Comments

Halloween Cat Blogging

Happy All Hallows Eve

Friday Cat Blogging

Treat or hairball!

[Editor: CC celebrates Halloween every day.

Friday Ark

October 31, 2014   19 Comments