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2008 October 02 — Why Now?
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I Hate Pumps

The proper pump should last a lifetime or die after five years.  If it only lasts 35 years it is a total PITA to deal with.  After 35 years you have to cut pipes because all of the connections have corroded to the point where putting a wrench to work either results in nothing, or the parts crumble as soon as you use the 6-foot “helper” on the handle of the wrench.  [Note that the connections were heated, had penetrating oil used, and received hammer whacks for a day before it became obvious that a reciprocating saw was the answer.]

So then you start to install the new pump, which is not cast iron but a “composite” [plastic, the sucker is plastic, but cast iron is special order and twice as much money.]

OK, you unpack it and put it place and get ready to attach it to the pipe going to the 2-inch well pipe and you discover that in violation of all of the rules on pump design, the inlet and outlet are both 1½-inch.  It has been gospel forever that the inlet is bigger than the outlet, but they have decided to change the rules.  So, back to the store for a reducer.

The main piping is done, but now I have to put the electrical together.  Always a thrill.

Just because the casing on the motor had rusted away causing the shaft to bind after it wore down the bearing is a pretty sad excuse for that pump to fail.

October 2, 2008   13 Comments