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2008 October 04 — Why Now?
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It’s Alive!

Just in time to keep the Baptists off my Mother’s lawn tomorrow, the pump is in and working.  I replaced the breaker on the circuit with a GFCI – type.  Not cheap, but cheaper that using separate GFCI sockets in all of the external outlets.  I also installed an extra ground to the outside breaker box I used to replace the switch on the pump.

I overdid it, but it would have been a shame if one of those Baptists was electrocuted by a lawn sprinkler after parking illegally.

October 4, 2008   9 Comments

Uncle Hank’s Christmas Club Account

So the worms in Congress caved in [again] and are depositing $ 700 gigabucks in Paulson’s account so he can hand out gifts to the financial system.  Being a bit old-fashioned I’m under the belief that the “toys” should be for “good little girls and boys”, but only the “naughty” group are getting presents.

Since the beginning of this “bailout”, I’ve been under the opinion that “bailing” is doomed to failure unless you haul the vessel into drydock and fix the leaks.  Sooner or later the pumps will fail.

The people in the government who are going to be handing out this money, are the same people who failed to notice how bad things were until they were on the verge of collapse.  Wall Street and Washington have been dismissing as alarmist those who have been warning about these problems for over three years.

We are told that Bernacki is right man to lead the Fed because he is an “expert” on the Great Depression.  If he’s an “expert” why didn’t he notice that we were on the verge of the Greater Depression?  If he is such an “expert” why hasn’t he suggested any of the programs that actually helped overcome the Depression, like the HOLC?

The way I see it, the people who failed to properly manage huge sums of money are being given huge sums of money to fix the mess caused by their greed and incompetence.  This is the sort of conduct that got Louis XVI in a lot of trouble and ended in the Reign of Terror.

October 4, 2008   6 Comments