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New Record? — Why Now?
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New Record?

Lame Duck

As Walter Scott wrote:

Oh! what a tangled web we weave
When first we practise to deceive!

This speech was the equivalent of Chamberlain returning from Munich and beginning his address to the British people: Meine Damen und Herren…

Inaugurated on 01/20 and a lame duck on 09/09, it must be a record.

Attaturk looked at the Baucus plan and noted this from the White House:

ROBERT GIBBS: I was told that — that K Street had a copy of the Baucus plan, meaning, not surprisingly, the special interests have gotten a copy of the plan.

Gibbs is wrong. As the authors, K Street has the original, and Baucus has the copy.

[Update: Upyernoz provides the proof that it was created on K Street at Wellpoint.]

Lambert looks at the health care task force and it is obvious that the corporations were the only people that were important enough to be assured of a place at the table – just like Cheney’s energy task force.

Jack, the Grumpy Forester, evaluates what has been occurring and cuts to the chase: Wherein I Ask Myself “Why Bother?”.

Echidne writes Today’s Angry Post I and states that people should continue in self-defense.

The DSCC sent my Mother a letter looking for money to “Help President Obama Deliver Lasting Change”, noting that if you send money before October 15th it will be matched twice over. No doubt the corporations are feeling generous after “the speech”.

John Kerry signed the letter. Bad timing, John. You should have done this before Obama decided to throw us under the Blue Cross Express.

The White House and both houses of Congress and this is what the Democratic Party does to us. It is time for a new party for actual liberals.