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2009 September 18 — Why Now?
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A Random Thought

Given that many things associated with the political system require that those involved are citizens, and given the apparently high level of proof required by the wingnuts and GOP, if corporations are “persons”, how do they prove their citizenship?

If they can’t prove their citizenship with a “long form birth certificate”, which they obviously can’t, they certainly can’t be allowed to participate in political activities. Candidates aren’t allowed to accept money from foreign contributors.

Just a thought, a nasty, subversive thought, but just a thought.

September 18, 2009   11 Comments

Real Americans?

Via Cookie Jill at skippy’s, an Oklahoma City TV station reports: 75 Percent of Oklahoma High School Students Can’t Name the First President of the U.S.

The survey was commissioned by the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs in observance of Constitution Day on Thursday.

Brandon Dutcher is with the conservative think tank and said the group wanted to find out how much civic knowledge Oklahoma high school students know.

The Oklahoma City-based think tank enlisted national research firm, Strategic Vision, to access students’ basic civic knowledge.

“They’re questions taken from the actual exam that you have to take to become a U.S. citizen,” Dutcher said.

A thousand students were given 10 questions drawn from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services item bank. Candidates for U.S. citizenship must answer six questions correctly in order to become citizens.

About 92 percent of the people who take the citizenship test pass on their first try, according to immigration service data. However, Oklahoma students did not fare as well. Only about 3 percent of the students surveyed would have passed the citizenship test.

Dutcher said this is not just a problem in Oklahoma. He said Arizona had similar results, which left him concerned for the entire country.

The questions are below the fold, but I won’t include the answers because if you stop by here and are an American citizen you know the answers.

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September 18, 2009   27 Comments

L’shanah Tovah

Happy 5770!

At sunset this afternoon Rosh Hashanah begins, so get your honey, challah, and apples ready.

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Friday Cat Blogging


Friday Cat Blogging

Get lost!

[Editor: This is Lucrezia’s other litter mate whose face you hadn’t seen, with his charming little black nose. No, he hasn’t killed Lucrezia, he is merely using her as a convenient pillow.]

Friday Ark

September 18, 2009   2 Comments