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Loose Change

Just like the buzzards return to Hinckley, Ohio, when the weather starts cooling off people start showing up down here. Unfortunately some are people who, if they had any long term memory, should know better.

I was tied up with “Real Life” over the weekend dealing with one of them. He is a good worker when he’s sober enough to work, but given his history you have no guarantees, and everyone who might have a little work down here knows better than to depend on him.

If you know anyone who works in construction and was planning to head South, tell them to forget about finding work – there isn’t any. There should be work rebuilding the damage from the mid-decades hurricanes, but the money isn’t here to do it. The Federal money isn’t being distributed fast enough, or in quantities large enough to help out, thanks to greed, incompetence, and Republican state governments, and there are no building loans available.

New topic: An American dies every 12 minutes because they lack access to the health care system. That’s about 45,000 people a year, and the Democrats are worried about being called names. We have a President who thinks he can force people to pay the grifters in the private insurance corporations for nothing, because, otherwise, they’ll be a “burden”. If he doesn’t start representing the interests of the people, rather than the insurance industry and drug firms, we won’t be “burdened” with him after 2012.

New topic: Apparently General Westmoreland McChrystal sent a letter to Secretary McNamara Gates saying he needed a major increase in the number of combat troops or we risk losing Vietnam Afghanistan.  I’m sure President Johnson Obama will make the right decision.

The troops were needed at the start of the operation to establish control.  That wasn’t done and the battle for “hearts and minds” has already been lost.


1 cookie jill { 09.21.09 at 6:51 pm }

OT….you might be blogging about SoCal fires again…

It’s Red Flag Warning for the next several days.


2 Bryan { 09.21.09 at 7:21 pm }

I know. They have been working the aircraft overtime hitting hot spots on the Station Fire, and jumped all over the Silver Fire in the Plumas NF, and now they’ve had one start in Sonoma County at around noon today.

They are expecting Santa Anas, so things will get tense.