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2010 May 04 — Why Now?
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They Lack American Know-How

What is there to say about the Times Square incident? As Fallenmonk points out it was not too bright. Even Newsbiscuit has satirized it.

To be accurate, there were no explosives involved in the attempt. Gunpowder, gasoline, and propane are all flammables, and the fertilizers you buy in Lowes or Home Depot are neither flammable, nor explosive. There are compounds that can be used both as fertilizer and a low-grade explosive, but they aren’t stocked by “home improvement” stores.

Obviously if this guy had gone to gun shows or hung around with survivalists, like Timothy McVeigh, he might have learned how to do it properly. [It is more likely that he would have disappeared if he had attempted it.] It would appear that the “al Qaeda” terrorist camp was just a rip-off, like a lot of trade schools that advertise in the back of magazines or on dubious web sites. It wouldn’t have been quite as bad if it hadn’t paralleled the Glasgow Airport attack, which was slightly more successful, in that there was a large fire at the airport. It’s probably a chain of bad terrorist training camps for gullible Muslims living in the West, similar to dude ranches.

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The Stupid… It Burns

The Pensacola News Journal reports on three Senators and a Representative in Mobile at a news conference:

“We have some good news: The leak is being restrained,” said U.S. Senator George Lemieux, R. Fla. “BP thinks they are reducing the flow, so we very hopeful about that. But I can’t say enough about what a huge threat this is to our way of life in Florida.”

But late Monday BP issued a news release contradicting Lemieux’s assertion.

Lemieux joined Alabama senators Richard Shelby and Jeff Sessions and U.S. Representative Jeff Miller at a 2 p.m. press conference at Mobile Regional Airport.

Sessions was asked about the extent of BP’s liability and their promise to pay for all economic and environmental damages. The Alabama senator said the federal Oil Pollution Act of 1990 provides claims for environmental damages, real and personal property damages, loss of profit, loss of government revenue and cancellation of hotel and rentals. Sessions said there is a strict liability for BP to pay for all clean-up costs. In addition, they are subject to fines of up to $75 million.

[FYI: all Southern Republican politician who use “Jeff” are actually “Jefferson Beauregard” on their birth certificates, as in Jefferson Beauregard “Jeff” Sessions, and Jefferson Beauregard “Jeff” Miller.]

Obviously someone attempted to explain to Senator Lemieux [R-Kelly Services] how the blow out preventer worked, and he assumed that BP had used it to crimp the pipe and slow the flow, not understanding that, in fact, the BOP hadn’t worked. [You just can’t get good temps anymore.]

No, Senator Jefferson Beauregard “Jeff” Sessions, there is no $75 million fine in that law, that is the limit on BP’s liability for anything other than the actual clean-up. I realize that you might think that making a corporation pay anything for the damage they cause is a fine, but that isn’t the way it works.

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This Is Really Annoying

A warning to one-and-all: the web site of the Local Puppy Trainer, AKA Northwest Florida Daily News, AKA www.nwfdailynews.com, may cause your browser to crash. I suspect a badly executed Javascript that is in their ad stream, as it is intermittent, but has occurred a half dozen times in the last month when I click on a link to a story.

They are covering the oil spill from the local perspective, but that coverage is wasted when they keep crashing your browser.

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