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Invest 90

Invest 90 is first out of the gate for the 2010 Hurricane Season. If it spins up it will be called Alex.

At 7PM CDT it was located at 24.9N 73.3W, about 500 miles East of Port St. Lucie, Florida, with 25mph winds and a pressure of 1011↓.

The models have no agreement on a path, but it’s observed movement is generally Southwest.

Elsewhere in the tropics the El Niño has faded and a La Niña may be building, which is not good news for the Atlantic, but welcome news for the Southern Hemisphere.

There is an “interesting” weather pattern in the Caribbean near the Yucatan Peninsula, that will have to be watched.

If either of these gets into the Gulf, the yogurt could get very high, very quickly and have a hydrocarbon tang.