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Let’s Get Organized

Rick Outzen visited Alabama’s barrier island and noticed something odd: Prisoners used by BP at Dauphin Island. He notes that the contractor in charge was also a bit off: “The company, SG & S Oil Recovery Product LLC, was formed after the leak. Yet it got this contract.”

A company gets created after the leak and wins a contract while using prison labor. You have to wonder exactly who owns SG & S, and how they managed to get a contract with both BP and Alabama Corrections. The mayor of Dauphin Island wonders why he wasn’t told.

Local officials in Louisiana are no less annoyed with the system – Parish official: BP shipped in workers for president’s visit

Early Friday morning, “a number of buses brought in approximately 300 to 400 workers that had been recruited all week,” Jefferson Parish Councilman Chris Roberts told CNN’s “Situation Room.”

Roberts said the workers were offered $12 an hour to come out to the scene at Grand Isle and work.

But, when Obama departed, so did the workers, he said.

Can you say photo op? I was sure you could.

The Times-Picayune notes that Across coastal Louisiana, officials lament ineffective oil spill command structure.

As they report, the local officials on Grand Isle spotted the oil headed their way and tried to get booms and skimmers to deal with it before it came ashore, but couldn’t make it through the maze in time.

Imagine this scenario: You call 911, and instead of an operator asking you what the problem is and sending the appropriate people, you hear: “Press 1 if you need law enforcement…”