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Post-Modern Politics — Why Now?
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Post-Modern Politics

Earth Bound Misfit has a piece of world-class snark that the DNC should pay attention to: So, Will George Clooney Talk to an Empty Suit at the Democrats’ Convention?.

Mike Konczai actually runs the numbers and pays attention to the policies that candidates propose. In a moment of almost heroic self-sacrifice, he listened to the Mittser’s speech at the GOP convention and concludes that: Romney Will Solve the Crisis with the Exact Same GOP Plan of 2008, 2006, 2004….

This would be plan that led to adding $10+ trillion dollars to the deficit, produced fewer jobs than were necessary to for the new workers entering the workforce, and created the conditions that resulted in the global financial meltdown.

They believe that ‘a rising tide raises all boats’ so they had the banks foreclose on the ‘boats’ of the bottom 80% of Americans, and now they want to take their ‘life preservers’.