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2012 September 22 — Why Now?
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Say What?

The Miami Herald tells me that the Fraudster-in-chief has his knickers in a twist over the FEMA rejection of his request for money to cover the costs of Issac.

We got rain. He has Okaloosa County on the list, and we didn’t even lose power. We have been getting a lot of rain all summer, and this was some more rain. There was some flooding, but it didn’t even cut US-98 on the barrier island.

FEMA is currently headed by Craig Fugate. The Fraudster is not going to snow him with tales of woe because Craig was the head of Florida’s state emergency operations under Bush and Crist. The guy knows Florida and knows tropical cyclones. You aren’t going to sell him a sob story about how hard up the state is over heavy rains.

The Fraudster made emergency declarations for South Florida counties before the storm got here. You have to meet the criteria to get the help. They might have been a bit more liberal with cash if the Republicans in the House had provided the cash, but that didn’t happen, and isn’t going to, so the state is going to have to pay its own bills.

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The Way I See It

Election 2012

Neither party represents anything to the left of center and the Republicans have fallen off the right edge of reality.

Zero will do nothing for you, and Rmoney intends to do a lot of things to you to help out the 1%.

You have an empty chair battling an empty suit, Chicago vs the Cayman Islands.

The Newsbiscuit [British satire] says that Good and Evil are neck and neck in the polls as both shift to centre ground, but in the US both parties have shifted to the right, and are ignoring everything from the center to the left.

I expect many on the left to vote for Dr Jill Stein of the Green Party, and Gary Johnson will pick up a lot of Republican votes on the Libertarian line.

Both candidates are right-wing authoritarian war-mongers who support failed economic policies, and refuse to take the obvious actions to fix the economy. Mitt the twit, like the rest of the 1% is intent on making ‘your money R money’, while Zero favors the slow suicide of austerity.

Not with a bang, but with a whimper…

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Autumnal Equinox

You can watch the arrival of the equinox at Archæoastronomy. It takes place at 9:49AM CDT this morning.

It’s time to man the rakes in northern climes while Spring arrives below the Equator.

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Overheard Through The Noise

My Mother has her television on all day. It acts like white noise, blocking the sound from the road she lives on, and a night light in the evening. Most of the time she is busy crocheting or knitting and doesn’t actually pay attention to it. When I’m at her house I can’t really ignore what is on, especially if she is on a news channel. She forgets to mute it because she doesn’t pay attention to it, so I have to remind her.

I can’t give cites, because I don’t watch the programs enough to identify the people talking, but I noticed something that seemed to be a theme running through the conversations about the problems of Mitt the twit – his campaign is a mess.

It was pointed out that most people don’t know enough about what Senators actually do, or what CEOs do to make a decision about the competence of candidates based on those jobs, but there is no way of avoiding campaigns. The hypothesis is that running a good and effective campaign is more important than normally credited for the success of the candidate with swing voters than has been realized. Apparently a number of people use it as a measure of competence for the office, independent of the actual policies espoused.

It makes a lot of sense if you review recent Presidential races. The Shrubbery and Zero are both skilled at running for office, even if they are not effective after they win.

The Mittster should be a lot closer than he currently is, but he cannot take advantage of opportunities, and doesn’t respond well to problems. He is in the middle of a major mess, and he is handing out bonuses to major members of his campaign staff – how is that reasonable? It defies logic that someone who has been running for President for over a decade has such inept staff work and scheduling.

September 22, 2012   4 Comments