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Friday Cat Blogging — Why Now?
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Friday Cat Blogging

New Arrivals

Friday Cat Blogging

You looking at me?

[Editor: Two more ‘tuxedos’ and a blue and white have shown up this week. The group is growing from a very low point.]

Friday Ark


1 jamsodonnell { 09.14.12 at 8:42 am }

Ah new blood. I hope they survive to be healthy and very wary adults

2 Steve Bates { 09.14.12 at 9:11 am }

Sometimes, survival is the best one can manage. Good luck to them!

3 ellroon { 09.14.12 at 12:30 pm }

KITTEHS!!! MUST PAT! *erk ack oooff*….

4 Badtux { 09.14.12 at 3:17 pm }

Heh. Ellroon, that reminds me of George Carlin’s riff about cats. He points out that kittens come out of the womb ready for war :).

5 Bryan { 09.14.12 at 8:15 pm }

These are typical feral kittens – they hiss, spit, arch, and fluff if they suspect you are getting too close. This shot required all of the telephoto the Nikon allowed and standing still for about ten minutes. They are on a table with the bricks used to keep the tablecloth from blowing away.

Ms Underhouse is the mother of this group, so she can’t be the mother of the mini-Sox I got the picture of a couple of Fridays ago.

6 JuanitaM { 09.16.12 at 10:16 am }

Cute! Hope they have long and healthy lives.

Just got my dog Blue back from the animal hospital. He was bitten on the snout by a pit viper, and it was touch and go on Friday night, but he made it. His poor snout looked like this huge crumpled football!

7 Bryan { 09.16.12 at 11:24 am }

Ouch!, Sorry to hear about Blue. Dogs just are quick enough to deal with snakes, and not bright enough to leave them alone. At least we have anti-venom available now, because it wasn’t always that way. At least he should know better next time.