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Total Meltdown

People keeping writing about the Mittster ‘jumping the shark’. ‘Jumping the shark’ would have been a triumph compared to what he did – he slammed right into the sucker and his staff keep chumming the waters to bring in more and bigger sharks.

Of course his major problem is that the only way to recover from his ill-advised comments would have been the one thing that he can’t do – apologize.

Even NPR is on his case with Tom Gjelten providing a background piece, Romney’s Critiques Of Obama Like Reagan’s Of Carter that points out that Reagan’s ‘get tough’ policy resulted in the death of 241 American service members in the Beirut barracks bombing.

Seizing their opportunity, McClatchy reports China calls Romney’s accusations ‘as false as they are foolish’.

There is a possibility that Romney’s foreign policy might make diplomatic personnel safer – right after the number of embassies is reduced to one in Israel, and immigration probably won’t be a problem after Mexico and Canada close their borders.

The main obstacle to the Republicans winning the White House is their candidate. They might have beaten Zero, but I don’t see how they get around the Mittster. Face it, he is making Rick Perry look Presidential by comparison.


1 Steve Bates { 09.15.12 at 10:15 am }

That’s a mighty strong assertion. Rick Perry looks like the same damned fool he’s always been.

I have a lot of grievances with Obama, mostly to do with human rights and civil liberties. But he has at least assembled a staff that is competent (if minimally in some cases) to run the government. The Mittster has no clue, and as you point out, has a (ahem) constitutional aversion to asking for competent help.

In my lifetime, “get-tough” policies have seldom if ever had their intended effect. Most GOPers seem to have a faulty understanding of human nature, and are willing to apply that faulty model to the real world around them… to our ongoing detriment.

2 Bryan { 09.15.12 at 4:00 pm }

Governor Goodhair at least has the saving grace of not being the condescending jerk that Rmoney obviously is. We have had less than intelligent people sitting in the oval office before and survived, but I’m not confident on surviving Mittster and his insane advisors.

Dubya moderated the worst of the neocons to preserve his ties to the Saudi family, Mittster only has interests in Switzerland and the Cayman Islands.

I wouldn’t wish your governor or mine on any organization, but Rmoney is in a class by himself, below Tricky Dick Nixon.

3 Steve Bates { 09.16.12 at 3:20 am }

I always had the impression that GeeDubya really, really wanted to nuke someone, but that someone… who, I don’t know and can’t quite imagine… held him back from ordering a nuclear first strike. I doubt Rmoney would have similar restraint, either internal or external. IMHO it is very important that Rmoney/Ryan not take the election, not because of their politics but because of their reckless nature and lack of commitment to even the most basic facts. I can’t imagine a Rmoney State Dept., but I can imagine his deciding to save costs by not having one…

4 Bryan { 09.16.12 at 11:29 am }

I figure it was Colin Powell, because it would have been crazy, and Rumsfeld because the bombs were too expensive. Cheney might have pointed out that you can’t sell radioactive oil.

Like any CEO, Rmoney would surround himself with ‘yes men’ and let department heads do whatever they felt like. Repubs don’t like government, so they aren’t very good at governing and it shows.

5 Badtux { 09.16.12 at 10:06 pm }

Dubya was more ignorant than a bunch of rocks (by choice, not because he lacked the native intelligence to learn, he just didn’t care to expend the energy and effort to do so), lazier than a summer day in Houston, and a mean dry drunk, but I never got the sense he was crazy. When I look at the missives hitting my inbox from the wingnuttosphere, I have to say that’s some crazy sh*t, yo. Even John McInsane wasn’t that crazy, he may have sung “bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb eye-ran!” to the tune of “Barbara Ann” but he at least had the dignity to look embarassed when the nutcases started calling Obama anti-American and so forth. The Rmoney/AynRand ticket, on the other hand, seem to be embracing the crazy, to the point where it may actually be self-defeating because it makes *them*look crazy…

6 Bryan { 09.16.12 at 10:28 pm }

Even the Shrubbery made an attempt to appeal to ‘swing/independent voters’ while Rmoney is still playing to the fringe. All I can figure is that his internal polling is showing that the base may not bother to show up at the polls. He acts like he’s still in the primary.

He doesn’t want to talk about Bain; he never mentions his time as governor of Massachusetts; he acts like the Salt Lake Olympics is the only job he has ever held. That sort of thing is an automatic rejection on any job application, and he is applying for the most important job in government. Giving all the time he has spent running for President you would think that he would have a well-oiled machine in place, but he keeps stumbling from one gaff to the next. Ayn Rand Paul Ryan doesn’t help him with anyone outside of the Republican fringe and he hasn’t provided any detail as to what he would do if elected.

The Shrubbery at least knew how to win – get close enough to steal it. Rmoney can’t even do that with all of the big money from outside groups supporting him.

If/when he loses, the Repubs will go even crazier in 2016.

7 Badtux { 09.16.12 at 11:45 pm }

I can’t even begin to think who the Democrats can run in 2016. I suppose they could bring Rahm Emmanuel in from Chicago, but once you’ve been mayor of Chicago, who wants a powerless position like President of the United States? 😈

Yah, the Shrubbery pulled off that “compassionate conservative” bit in 2000 well enough that he even fooled me. It wasn’t until he started building up to the Iraq invasion that the scales fell off my eyes, before that I thought he wasn’t much different from Clinton before him even with the whole anti-terrorism act thing (remember the anti-terrorism act Clinton got passed after Oklahoma City?). Rmoney and Paul Ayn haven’t even *tried* to do that whole moderate compassionate conservative shuck and jive. It’s like you say — when they jump the shark they not only don’t realize that they’ve jumped the shark, they go looking for more sharks to jump!

Either they know something about how the votes are going to be counted that I don’t know, or they’ve given up and are just going through the motions to get money from their wealthy supporters. Obama is truly blessed in his opponents, because ordinarily a President presiding over as weak an economy as Obama would be hard pressed to be re-elected. Makes you wonder…

8 Bryan { 09.17.12 at 12:01 am }

It does make one wonder if RR are taking a dive for a group of wealthy contributors. This is the worse campaign performance I’ve ever seen and I have been voting since 1964. There were some bad losses during those years and some stupid mistakes, but this is without doubt the worst campaign that I have ever witnessed.

There have been so many ads from so many different groups that people have stopped paying attention. The media conglomerates love it, but no one seems to be noticing or reacting to the ads. The Republican primary battle may have desensitized people to political ads, because my Mother was complaining about them all the time, and now she just tunes them out.

9 Kryten42 { 09.17.12 at 4:59 am }

I was PMSL bigtime when Erikson (R*edstate) & Mizzzzzz Coulter & Spongebob Hanity went nuclear over comments Mitty’s spokeswoman (person)

“OMG. This might just be the moment Mitt Romney lost the Election. Wow.”

Coutler (yelling at Spongebob):
“Anyone who donates to Mitt Romney, and I mean the big doners, aught to call Mitt Romney and say ‘If Andrea Saul isn’t fired and off the campaign tomorrow. they are not giving another dime.’ Because it is not worth fighting for this man if this is the kind of spokesman he has. To respond to an ad like this by citing healthcare in Massachusetts…! There is no point in you doing your show… there is no point in us going to a convention and pushing for this man if he’s employing morons like this!”

Thereby proving yet again that Coulter & Hannity (who wholeheartedly agreed) also have terminal foot-in-mouth by virtually stating that Faux is pushing for Romney (like nobody knew anyway). And they call Saul a moron? Pot, meet kettle!

LMAO I loooove US presidential campaigns! (And so does Jon Stewart!) The material just writes itself. 😆

PS. After the Obaminator’s 2nd term… I’d vote for Kirsten Gillibrand! Hey… at least she’s cute! 😉 😆

10 Bryan { 09.17.12 at 3:13 pm }

You might want to find out if her husband is a Conservative or a member of the Labour Party, as he is a British citizen. Her views change based on her constituency, as she was a conservative as a member of House, and became more liberal when she was appointed to the Senate.

There was never any doubt that Faux is a Republican organ [in more than one sense of the word]. 😉

11 hipparchia { 09.17.12 at 9:09 pm }

It does make one wonder if RR are taking a dive for a group of wealthy contributors.

i haven’t wondered at all, i’ve been sure of it since before the 2008 general election – they were running to lose that one too.

obama has done right by the folks who made him “the chosen one” way back when, so they don’t want to lose him, and and with the democrats and a -gasp!- black kenyan socialist muslim dude presiding over eight years of a sucky economy for the rest of us, that will keep the rabid far-right haters foaming at the mouth, those agitators don’t want to lose obama yet either.

prediction: jeb bush will be the republican nominee in 2016.

12 Bryan { 09.17.12 at 10:18 pm }

I agree that John Ellis is the choice of the money people, but I can’t see him making it through the primary. There aren’t going to be enough non-whackos left in the Republican Party for anyone who hasn’t fallen off the right end of the world to even make a reasonable run.

You know that I have never liked or trusted Obama, and have always felt and said he was a Republican even if he put a D behind his name.

13 Badtux { 09.17.12 at 11:09 pm }

Well, Rmoney made it thru the primaries, so the money men sometimes do get their candidate past the loonies.

Elizabeth Warren would be one kick-ass Democratic President, but I don’t think the D money people would ever allow her to be that close to the reins of power. For some reason she scares Wall Street bankers sh*tless. Good for her :twisted:.

14 Bryan { 09.17.12 at 11:57 pm }

John’s problem is going to be Ayn Rand Paul Ryan who is beloved by many wealthy whackos, so there won’t be the slam dunk that the Mittster had against the B team.

Yeah, Elizabeth Warren really frightens the gamblers because she knows the game inside and out, and has seen a lot of their books. After 4 years in the Senate she will be ready to do something else. For a first timer she is running a good solid campaign, and she can explain things to people as well as Bill Clinton does, something Zero has never mastered.

15 Badtux { 09.18.12 at 1:30 am }

Anytime a first-timer is close to unseating a sitting Senator, you know that she has to be running a solid campaign. It doesn’t matter if said Senator was caught having sex with a dead girl or a live boy, he’s getting re-elected if his opponent makes even a single mistake in her campaign. But it seems the more people see of Elizabeth Warren, the more they like what they see.

Of course, the same was true of Obama, but that was more a case of liking the style and overlooking the lack of, well, substance. In the 2008 campaign John Edwards’ health plan was eight pages of dense text. Hillary Clinton’s health care plan was at least twenty pages of detailed charts and graphs in addition to dense text. Obama’s health care plan? A couple of pages of vague generalizations and handwaving. Yet people call the plan passed by Congress “Obamacare” even though it more closely resembles the plan that Hillary Clinton ran on. So it goes.

That said, compared to Rmoney, Obama is the second coming of Eugene Debs. Which just shows how far to the right that Rmoney’s campaign has veered. The Rmoney/Rand campaign makes friggin’ Ronald Reagan look like a raving liberal, for cryin’ out loud. Which for those of us who were alive and politically aware during Reagan’s Presidency know, means they’re way past the end of the right-hand side of the scale and done fallen off clean into the loony bin.

16 Bryan { 09.18.12 at 10:43 pm }

They have embraced the right-wing lint that flaked off the tip of the fringe. Their national security/foreign policy advisors are firmly stuck in the 1980s and have no desire to move on.

Actually, it depends on the Senator. John Ashcroft lost his Senate reelection to a guy who made the ultimate campaign error of dying before the election. Some incumbents can defeat themselves. Brown is a very likable person, so he is a tough opponent as long as the Republican Party doesn’t try to ‘help’ him. That said, she is obviously doing things right, especially peaking when she needs to. She connects to people because she understands their problems.

Obama can run an effective campaign, he’s just worthless at doing the job. He has that in common with the Shrubbery.

17 Badtux { 09.19.12 at 12:19 am }

Obama also has the luck of the Shrubbery when it comes to opponents. The Shrubbery ran against Democrats who could never overcome the shadow of Elvis. Al Gore is a nice guy, but an awful politician, and John McCain was clearly well past his prime (and past his bedtime for that matter) when he ran against Obama. And if there was ever a politician stiffer and less likable than John Kerry, his name would be Mitt Romney (heh!).

And when it comes to running a campaign, Obama is decidedly a master. He doesn’t make mistakes. He just doesn’t. And he runs a tight campaign. Everybody is on message, there are no freelancers. Well, except Joe Biden, but everybody pretty much just rolls their eyes and says “there’s Joe being Joe again!”, and I’m not sure how many of Joe’s “gaffes” really *are* freelancing, he may be a nicer Spiro Agnew (a.k.a. Nixon’s henchman who specialized in stabbing people in the back under orders from his boss), rather than the dumb likable goofball that he presents to the world…

So I guess we get four more years of things going to h*ll in a handbasket slowly, rather than quickly. Maybe that’s the best we can do right now. Sigh….

18 Kryten42 { 09.19.12 at 2:53 am }

I like Elizabeth Warren. 🙂 She appears often on TDS, the audience loves her also. 🙂

Have you seen this thread @ C&L (it mentions Warren)? I don’t think there is an adequate single word in English for it! I can think of a sentence with several however, none of which would be complementary in the least!

Supporter Complains to Ryan: ‘Educated People’ Are ‘Telling Me What to Do’

Seriously??! 😯 🙄

No wonder the USA is so FUBAR!

19 Bryan { 09.19.12 at 11:44 am }

The media has been on a ‘crusade’ against Dems since the Village decided that the Clintons didn’t belong in Washington. Gore, Kerry, and Hillary have all been victims of the distortions piled atop their own personal failings. It is beginning to look like Romney is going to get dumped on just like Al Gore did. There is going to be no more benefit of doubt for the Mittster, as they extract their pound of flesh for his unwillingness to interact with reporters.

What’s the matter, Kryten, aren’t you aware that your boss is supposed to be as ignorant or more ignorant than you are? That’s the Republican way. It’s how the Shrubbery got in the White House. You can’t have people who know what they’re doing in charge. 😈

20 Kryten42 { 09.19.12 at 2:06 pm }

Since the woman complaining claims she graduated Harvard Medical School in ’93 (which was before the education system there really went into a nosedive, not that it was great then either), Harvard standards must be extremely low!

“The woman, who appeared to be white, added that “because of the color of my skin,” she was the “single most disadvantaged student” at Harvard.”

and this moron graduated Harvard Medical?

I’ll say it again…

It is no wonder the USA (and especially the education and medical systems) are totally FUBAR!

Then again… she will probably end up being another ‘Joe the plumber’. 😈


21 Bryan { 09.19.12 at 3:25 pm }

Anyone who graduates with a degree in Art History is obviously more disadvantaged than anyone with an MD. Medical schools are controlled by the guild of former barbers and all of the positions in any program at the private Ivy League schools are subject to alumni preference, which outranks every other consideration [must think of the endowment], so even if she were the ‘single most disadvantaged student’ at the Harvard Medical School, she received advantages only available to a very limited number of wealthy white males. It would be highly unlikely that she was forced to open an office in a trailer in Appalachia.

Harvard is a private university subject to its own rules. She should complain to the trustees, not the rest of the US if she has a problem with the way Harvard does things. The government has only limited control in very restricted areas at private universities, like Harvard. At the end of January of 1993, Bill Clinton assumed office of President after 12 years of Reagan and Bush, so any problems she had were with Reagan and Bush policies, not Clinton policies.

In addition to maps, these people need calendars.

22 Badtux { 09.19.12 at 4:10 pm }

In addition to maps, these people need calendars.

Yeah. Interestingly, a year before Dubya left office the GOP was *STILL* blaming all his problems on Bill Clinton — 7 years after Clinton had left office! But I guess reading calendars is hard and requires skills not taught in fundie home schools :twisted:.

23 Bryan { 09.19.12 at 5:42 pm }

Yeah, Badtux, but Clinton left him with a budget surplus. Now how is a Republican supposed to deal with a surplus? That was a nasty, underhanded Democratic trick… 👿