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The Case Keeps Improving

McClatchy apparently wondered how people in the Middle East found out about a single video on YourTube, so they committed a blatant act of journalism and tracked down the story:

Morris Sadek, a Coptic Christian who lives in suburban Washington, D.C., whose anti-Islam campaigning led to the revocation of his Egyptian citizenship earlier this year, had an exclusive story for Gamel Girgis, who covers Christian emigrants for al Youm al Sabaa, the Seventh Day, a daily newspaper here [Cairo]. Sadek had a movie clip he wanted Girgis to see; he e-mailed him a link.

Facebook pages started appearing, urging Islamists and youth to protest Tuesday, the 11th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks. [Terry] Jones had called for putting Muhammad on trial that day in a web message, which is why, protest organizers said, they scheduled it for that day. Calls started coming into the U.S. embassy as well, catching everyone there by surprise.

Sadek was one of the people who funded the film, and he wanted to make sure that people in Egypt saw it. This wasn’t an accidental discovery, but an intentional action to inflame Muslims in Egypt.

Susie Madrak remembered that this sort of behavior isn’t limited to Muslims. She remembered the conservative Christian response to The Last Temptation of Christ in France – the fire-bombing of a cinema.

India is bedeviled with religious strife all the time, so attempting to blame only the Muslims, is absurd. Almost every religion has its share of violent ultra-conservatives who resort to violence over any perceived slight.