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Another Day — Why Now?
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Another Day

Another local official arrested.

The Local Puppy Trainer informs me that Okaloosa County Commissioner James Campbell has been arrested on four counts of official misconduct and four counts of perjury.

While investigating the misconduct in the Tourist Development Council office, the Sheriff discovered a payment involving Mr. Campbell that didn’t look right, so the Florida Department of Law Enforcement was called in to investigate. [In Florida we know better than to trust the county sheriff to investigate other county officials.]

Mr. Campbell’s story was that he wasn’t really hiding the money from the state, he was hiding it from his wife. Since his wife filled out the state mandated financial disclosure form, if he had included it, she would discover how much he was spending on his hunting trips. [There was a time when that would have been a plausible excuse here, but that time is past.]

Fortunately he didn’t run for re-election, so there is a replacement waiting to take over, and we aren’t forced to have an expensive special election.