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Oh Joy

A weird looking 747 landed at Eglin AFB today and dumped an orange mess on the tarmac which was met by the current governor of Florida, Batboy. Then the sky was filled with various and sundry helicopters to make it seem like Trump and Scott gave a crap about the people from the Gulf Coast to the Atlantic Coast who got creamed by Michael. They congratulated themselves on what a great job they are doing while people are still waiting for food, water, or some one who gives a crap.

Meanwhile, the guy from the gas company who was turning on service at one of the apartments said he and some friends are taking the supplies they bought for Michael, along with some chain saws up to the smaller towns in the more rural counties inland. Like all locals, they know that the little places like Wing, Baker, Holt will get ignored like always.

In other news, Trump hung a new painting in the White House. I prefer the earlier versions of the genre.

Professor/Senator Warren had her DNA tested. It showed what I knew it probably would – she has one or more Native American ancestors. Anyone whose family has lived in Oklahoma for several generations is almost guaranteed to have a connection to one or more Native American tribes. Naturally the Toddler in Chief denies his million dollar bet regarding the DNA. He’s a schmuck and a welsher.

October 15, 2018   23 Comments