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The BBC notes that Fake news follows migrant caravan’s journey north. At Crooks & Liars, former Republican Congresscritter from Florida, David Jolly, is a bit more direct: Trump Is Just Lying.

My Congresscritter, Matt Gaetz, lied about George Soros paying people to join the Caravan, and a member of Trump’s Sturmabteilung decided to send Mr. Soros a letter bomb. If you actually look at the facts, Islamic terrorists are bit players when compared to right-wing extremists in the US.

The Caravans are a regularly occurring event that have a lot in common with the wagon trains of the Old West – people traveling together for safety. The one big difference is that the people who make up the Caravans tend to be Native Americans, not immigrants, as were found in the Old West version, or in the White House. The indigenous peoples of Central America tend to be held down to the bottom rungs of society.

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi claims that the fact that people brought their children with them proves they are up to no good. Pam Bondi’s claim to fame when running for Attorney General was the prosecution of … puppy mills. That was her big accomplishment … I’m not kidding.


1 Kryten42 { 10.24.18 at 9:51 pm }

Bondi is a nut. I’ve seen a few tweets about her *great ideas*!

Thaer’s a lot of fake news going on about a lot of things. Even the MSM that were hitting of Dotard & the GOP have backed off for the most part. Afraid of his Divine retribution, no doubt! Pfffft!

OT: I started a thread about the ACLU suing Georgia over their new “Signature Matching Law” where your signature on an absentee ballot MUST be identical to your original signature, no matter how long ago people gave them. A guy from FL tweeted this last night:

“Just got email from Miami Dade election they can refuse my signature and I have no right to know how I signed it 40 years ago”

I said I’d check with someone & get back to him. Do you know anything about that? Is that legal in FL?

My thread is here if you want to look:

2 Bryan { 10.25.18 at 8:25 pm }

He needs to go to the office of his local Supervisor of Elections and update his signature card. I just got a notice from my county to update the card. I voted on the first day of early voting and they are now using a graphics tablet for your signature. It’s a joke. Yes, Florida is initiating a new procedure to attack the elderly they don’t like with a more restrictive signature check. More ‘voter fraud’ BS from the Republicans.

3 Bryan { 10.25.18 at 8:27 pm }

Oh, other than puppy mills, Bondi is known for bikini pictures. It’s sad that this is the state of Florida politics.

4 Kryten42 { 10.26.18 at 2:32 am }

I’m sure you’ve been following the story of the IED’s being sent to prominent FAKE POTUS critics. Here’s the latest. Apparently, some may have been sent via a mail distribution center at Opa-locka.

Pipe bomb investigation: Florida mail facility searched by FBI and police

Of course, FAKE POTUS Trumpet blames, what he labels the FAKE MEDIA, & takes zero responsibility for stirring up the hate & anger of his base against anyone that criticizes their MASTER! Sieg Heil!

5 Bryan { 10.26.18 at 10:53 am }

Postal facilities all have CCTV. Bomb making materials can almost all be traced. Computer printed anything has an id number printedon everything. Trump is a fraud, a bully, and a coward. He couldn’t ‘play nice’ for even 24 hours, before he told a crowd that he was pressured into saying nice things, but he didn’t mean them, so go ahead and attack Jim Acosta of CNN.