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Ernie Keebler Out, Lex Luther In

Trump had his chief of staff, John Kelly, fire Jefferson Beauregard Sessions by publicizing an undated “resignation letter” that Trump asked for at some point in the past. Trump didn’t want to talk about getting his butt kicked in the mid-terms so he starts creating “crises”.

Trump selected Sessions’s chief of staff, Matthew Whitaker to be acting Attorney General, but as Fox legal analyst, Judge Andrew Napolitano and Kellyanne Conway’s husband point out, Whitaker has never been confirmed by the Senate and isn’t eligible to be the acting Attorney General.

Another crisis Trump created involved CNN’s Senior White House correspondent, Jim Acosta. His White House press credentials were suspended after a heated exchange with Trump. Sarah Huckabee Sanders claimed it was because Acosta ‘man-handled’ a White House intern. People soon noticed that the video she claimed showed what Acosta did was doctored by Infowars. Even Fox’s media reporter, Howard Kurtz criticized ‘Baghdad Bobbi’ for her incompetent effort.