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Trump claims he ‘personally answered Mueller Russia questions’, and the six hours he spent with his attorneys was just a welcome home party after his trip to France. I wonder if he realizes that if there are any problems with the answers, he can’t claim that it wasn’t his fault.

Finland bemused by Trump’s raking comment. The President of Finland has no idea what Trump is taking about, as the only raking done is on personal lawns. Finland does thin forests to promote better trees for the their timber industry, but rivers and bogs provide natural firebreaks. A major portion of Finland is above the Arctic Circle and the climate has nothing in common with California.

Crooks & Liars has a short primer on California’s fall winds, a major contributor to the
rapid progress of wildfires in the state.

In response to Admiral William McRaven’s criticism of Trump’s attacks on the media, Trump says that McRaven is a Hillary Clinton supporter, and he should have killed Osama bin Laden a lot sooner. Admiral McRaven is a retired Navy SEAL and the commander of the operation that ended in the death of bin Laden.

The reason the Trump family is in the US is because Trump’s grandfather was expelled from Bavaria for earlier immigrating to the US to avoid the draft. Trumps don’t serve in the military, but Cadet Bone Spurs considers himself a military ‘genius’ because he was sent to a military high school in hopes he would learn some discipline. The only ‘war zones’ that Trump has visited are those he has created with his boorish behavior.

November 18, 2018   2 Comments