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Cinco de Mayo — Why Now?
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Cinco de Mayo


Wikipedia usually has to “lock” its Cinco de Mayo page. I suspect it may be related to the sudden appearance of sites opposing the celebration of this semi-holiday and others who have a hissy fit about any Mexican holiday being celebrated in the US.

In Mexico Cinco de Mayo or Batalla de Puebla, is only a really big celebration in the state of Puebla, where the battle took place.

The Mexican army won the Batalla de Puebla on May the 5th, 1862, but the French went on to Mexico City in 1863 after receiving reinforcements and installed Emperor Maximilian.

It has the status of St. Patrick’s Day in the US, an excuse to eat different food, and drink different booze, and be obnoxious show an interest in other cultures.

Margaritas, tacos, and the destruction of piñatas, that’s what it is really about.


1 Badtux { 05.06.21 at 5:59 pm }

One of the local bigots snarked on Nextoor, “Cinco de Mayo is not an American holiday!” And someone else snarked back, “It’s not a holiday in Mexico either.” And another person said “It’s more a holiday in the United States than anywhere else.” And another person said “It’s a great excuse to party. What’s your problem?”

I love living in an area where bigots get shot down fast 🙂 .

2 Bryan { 05.06.21 at 10:15 pm }

It exists for bars to sell Coronas and margaritas, just like St Patrick’s Day is to sell Guinness and corned beef & cabbage [which no one in Ireland eats]. It’s a commercial holiday. I agree with ‘party guy’, but technically it is an ‘American’ holiday, as Puebla is on the North American continent. No one is forcing anyone to celebrate anything – don’t harsh someone else’s mellow.