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Armed Forces Day

It’s the third Saturday in May, so it’s Armed Forces Day which is a hemorrhoid if you are in the armed forces. This is a day for parades and static displays on bases, and most importantly a lost day off as you are required to “volunteer” to participate in the “festivities”.

As what my units did was classified and not suited to static displays of equipment or answering questions from the community, we were used for clean up before and after the event as well as our normal duty rotation at the “office”. Why isn’t it a day off at a barbecue and picnic at a beach or park? If you want to see a military disaster, watch members of the regular Air Force attempt to march in unison in a parade, something most of them haven’t done since basic training.


1 Badtux { 05.15.21 at 8:23 pm }

Luckily the only general I’ve ever had to worry about is The General, official name “Bobby Lee”, a giant feral tomcat in Confederate gray who has taken to sleeping on a cat bed on my back patio whenever he’s not out terrorizing the neighborhood or eating kibble at my back yard feeding station. My own cat Chuck has a scar on his face from when The General terrorized him as a kitten, and heck, I have a couple of scars too where The General slashed me when I didn’t put the kibble bowl down fast enough for him or something. Uhm, yeah. He’s not scared of me. But he’s definitely feral, he will *hurt* you.

2 Bryan { 05.16.21 at 8:39 pm }

Unneutered feral toms are not your friend and generally don’t like kittens. Toms are much nicer when relieved of the extra weight of their cojones.

The Space Force didn’t get the best officers when they split off from the Air Force. While the military does have “socialist medicine”, the rank structure definitely argues against communist structures. But then, wingnuts have no idea what Marxism, communism, or socialism are, so teaching the real history of the US without cherry trees and other fairy tales probably disturbs their warped little minds.

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