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We Are Nearing Lieutenant Kizh Time

The disaster in Ukraine caused by an unstable Russian leader reminds me of the Russian film Поручик Киж (Lieutenant Kizh) [on YouTube with subtitles].

It is most notable for the music by Sergei Sergeyevich Prokofiev, but is a relevant satire on the reign of Цар Павл I (Tsar Paul I). Paul and Putin have a lot in common, and, at this point, I can almost suggest that Putin’s underlings are just as incompetent as Paul’s.

In the end Russia was rid of Paul by “an attack of apoplexy” according to the court physician, whose definition of the term includes a physical attack by a group senior officers 😈

Paul was the only child of Katherine the Great, and suffered from a lack of his mother’s competence.

May 4, 2022   6 Comments

May The Fourth Be With You

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