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2022 May 27 — Why Now?
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Mission Critical

Declare .223 ammunition military mission critical and prevent sale to civilians.

If you you want an AR-15, AK-47, or .30 caliber carbine – buy them chambered for .22 rimfire for around $400 or less. My Colt SSA chambered for .22 was the same “feel” with less recoil and cheaper ammo.

Looking at the picture of the “Uvalde SWAT team” there was a glaring absence – there was no scoped ‘deer rifle’ to take down the ‘perp’. It’s West Texas, surely someone hunts and could have ended this before the school. ‘Body armor’ doesn’t work well with deer rounds and appropriate bullets. Buy and train with the appropriate tools for the job.

May 27, 2022   2 Comments

Alas, No

I have seen a number of people suggesting that term limits might alleviate some of the problems we are facing in this country. I’m sorry, we did it in Florida and things have gotten worse.

There are no senior politicians to act as moderating influences and laws are written by lobbyists and staff. The actual legislators don’t develop the necessary skills and start campaigning for Federal office as they approach their limits. They aren’t governing, they are in campaign mode. If you contact them with a problem with the state government, they don’t know who to contact to fix it.

Be careful what you wish for – you may get it and it’s hard to correct.

May 27, 2022   2 Comments