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I’m not about to question the authority of Trump and Rick Scott when it comes to fraud. I’ve never paid $25 million to settle a law suit like Trump University, and no one has topped the fine Rick Scott’s company paid for Medicare fraud – $1.7 BILLION. Those two people know a lot about committing fraud, but don’t seem to be able to define it when it comes to elections.

For those who don’t know, there are Republican and Democratic workers at every polling place in Florida. The Florida Secretary of State [appointed by the governor] has monitors in every county to observe the counting of ballots. There have been no official complaints from anybody in a position to observe misconduct.

The Florida law was and is self-contradictory when it comes to deadlines. Supervisors of Elections in the counties have to wait 10 days after the election for ballots mailed on or before the date of the election from an overseas location, but the state has required counting be finished last Saturday. That is for an ‘unofficial’ vote. Now the state has called for a machine recount because three races have differences of less than 0.5%. These deadlines are arbitrary. Scott wants counting stopped because the counties trying to finish are heavily Democratic and his lead is disappearing.

The ballot this year has a dozen ballot measures and a bunch of judges up for confirmation. My ballot was printed on both sides. I voted early and used the sample ballot to make my decision so when I got to the polling station all I had to do was transfer my choices to the official ballot.

It should surprise no one that Palm Beach and Broward counties take a long time to count ballots – they have a lot of voters.


1 hipparchia { 11.13.18 at 5:26 pm }

I’m not about to question the authority of Trump and Rick Scott when it comes to fraud.


I like your statement about microwave popcorn. I’m going to steal that one from you. if we have to put up with them campaigning for 2 years, they can wait more than a couple of minutes to get the votes counted.

and yeah, I’ve had to remind a few people that we used to not actually install the president until March.

2 Kryten42 { 11.14.18 at 8:29 am }

It seems that POTUS & FLOTUS have completely lost it. I don’t think anyone has much to worry about regarding the Trumps for too much longer. 😉 😆



Anyway… Here, this one is FAR more interesting! Because… Cat’s! (They remind me of my tabby & black kitties). 😉 😀


3 Bryan { 11.14.18 at 9:48 am }

The systems that produce the fastest results are also the easiest to hack and have no audit trail. Broward had 7+ pages on their ballot and is doing a recount on 4 local races as well as the 3 statewide. The only major voting fraud cases in Florida have all been by Republicans down in Dade and usually involve technical violations with absentee ballots. The last fraud I remember was Ann Coulter lying about her address.

The message from Democrats should be: Trump and the Republicans don’t want to count the votes of the troops in war zones!

The only thing you can be sure of concerning leaks from the White House is that the vast majority of them are lies and the others are half truths. As a Marine, Kelly should have resigned when Trump refused to go to the Belleau Wood ceremony. The White House is a cesspool of misogyny and FLOTUS was kidding herself if she and her staff thought they were going to be treated any better Elizabeth Warren.

4 Kryten42 { 11.15.18 at 4:35 pm }

Seems that Southern Florida has vote counting issues again.

Despite looming deadline, Palm Beach elections didn’t count ballots overnight

And Dotard is now claiming that Democratic voters cheated by wearing masks & voting twice. And that American’s need ID to buy a box of cereal.

Yep. Another day @ the monkey house.

5 Bryan { 11.15.18 at 8:31 pm }

Palm Beach has the money for new equipment but they have been waiting for the state to establish the rules for disabled voters before making their purchase. The state didn’t bother last year. Their current system is an antique that required a separate run of all ballots for each of the three contested races. The machines overheated and had to be shut down to cool, so the Supervisor of Elections knew she wouldn’t finish before the artificial deadline. The state keeps blaming the counties, but the state is as dysfunctional as every other layer of government in Florida.