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Friday Cat Blogging

This Is Florida?

Friday Cat Blogging

The rodent lied!

[Editor: The crew don’t believe the groundhog. We haven’t had snow, but the weather is damp and miserable. There is a stiff North wind that cuts through you when you go outside. I’d rather be in the middle of that pile.]

Friday Ark is back


1 cookie jill { 02.04.11 at 3:46 am }

Do they even allow you into “their” bed?

2 Badtux { 02.04.11 at 10:12 am }

Yes, this penguin has the same question — where do *you* sleep? 🙂

3 Bryan { 02.04.11 at 10:41 am }

That’s only about 75 pounds of cat, so you grasp the end of the covers firmly, point your toes, and thrust your legs to create a mound. Actually, I normally cheat and put out treats when I want to get into bed. The “kids” get active around 11pm, so there isn’t a problem,

OTOH, making the bed isn’t going to happen, and there is no such thing as taking a nap when it’s cold.

4 Steve Bates { 02.04.11 at 11:54 am }

The snow didn’t make it to the ground in Houston, but we got lots of ice. Three freeways are closed, and city streets looked for a while like one of those bumper-car rides at an old-time amusement park… do they still have those? (~100 accidents were reported in four hours.) Even yesterday, when I made our final grocery run in anticipation of the “snowstorm,” I thought my fingers were literally going to fall off, but I couldn’t… and still can’t… find my gl0ves.

Our kitties… Stella’s kitties… slept with Stella. (The pride always sleeps together.) They are now hidden out presumably in some particularly warm corner of the house.

5 Bryan { 02.04.11 at 12:55 pm }

If you have registers, check them, because cats always find them. They have that “staying warm” business down pat. What you can’t seeing in the picture is the oil-filled radiator that is in front of the cats, and the reason for the bunching up. If I used the electric blanket, they would spread out.

6 Badtux { 02.05.11 at 1:03 am }

Heh. Yeah, Mencken is completely blocking the one in the living room right now, while TMF is sprawled out in front of the one in the bathroom like a dead cat (it blows out from under the vanity rather than being on the floor itself, makes the tile floor nice and warm though!). I keep tellin’ the fur-bearin’ varmints that they already have fur coats, but that doesn’t seem to make any differnece :).

7 jams o donnell { 02.05.11 at 6:35 am }

On Boris regularly sleeps on our bed now but the space in front of the fire in the living room is definitely neutral ground

8 oldwhitelady { 02.05.11 at 6:40 pm }

What a wonderful pile of kitties. They’re better than an electric blanket. I count six. Is that the correct number?

9 Bryan { 02.05.11 at 9:15 pm }

Well, ‘Tux, Ringo [in the back] and Income [leftmost] are single-coat cats and the hairs are short, so they stay cold. The other four have the standard double coats to shed all over everything. Sox and Dot are more sensitive to the cold because they are older and getting thin. A cat’s normal body temperature is 10° higher than people, so they want warmth.

Animosity is all well and good, Jams, but comfort must come first, although Excise is as far from her brothers as is possible.

Yes, OWL, that’s the entire crew. If it were warmer outside, Ringo would want to go out, but not when it’s 40° or colder with a wind.

10 Badtux { 02.06.11 at 11:18 pm }

Ringo and Income, despite their lack of multiple coats of fur, are quite beautiful. I am sure that in the summer their fur deficiency is quite not an issue :).

11 Bryan { 02.07.11 at 8:44 pm }

They are my “velvet” cats, as their coats feel like velvet.

12 Howard White { 02.12.11 at 6:42 pm }

Such cute kitties! They know when to hang tight, and just sleep off the icky weather. We have two, and so far, they are going stir crazy with all the snow we have had this winter. Would love it if the days would be summer like, but that is a bit off.

I love your cat’s names, very creative. Looks like you have your own version of an electric blanket!

13 Bryan { 02.12.11 at 9:20 pm }

Welcome, Howard. It helps to know that Income, Property, and Excise were born on April 15th. Ringo was in my “cowboy names” days, and she had ringworm when I brought her inside. She is an inside cat only because she refused to stop sleeping on the top of tires, which scared visitors. Ringo is a momma cat because she has excellent escape skills, especially when she sees a cat carrier.

I would hate to think what would happen if we have one of out somewhat rare snowfalls. I think they would probably freak out. I do know it would be my fault.