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2011 February 24 — Why Now?
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The Site Is Flaky

There is some type of problem with my host, not sure exactly what, but the site has been unavailable for an hour or so, and then just came up.

February 24, 2011   3 Comments

Christchurch Day 4

From TV New Zealand’s Live Updates: Day Four:

6.16am: 594 patients have been through the Emergency Department – 164 admitted, 11 in intensive care; a field hospital is being set up and will be operational by lunchtime; 2000 people have been treated at other medical facilities

6.11am: 102 confirmed dead – 4 names released; 228 missing; 70 live rescues; five bodies recovered from the CBD overnight.

4:14am An American USAR team has arrived in Christchurch and been met by the US Ambassador David Heubner. A team from the UK is also en route and will join those from Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and China already here. Once they arrive there will be nearly 700 experts and volunteers working on the rescue operation.

It is approaching the point when the emphasis will shift from rescue to recovery as the chance of finding survivors diminishes every hour.

[CBD is “central business district” and USAR is “urban search and rescue”.]

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