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Backing The Wrong Horse

After waiting for years for something to change, the Palestinian Authority has decided to apply to the UN for statehood. That is, after all, how Israel came into being.

The BBC decided to commission a poll on the issue

A global BBC poll suggests more people support UN recognition of Palestine as an independent state than oppose it.

Across the 19 countries surveyed, 49% backed the proposal while 21% said their government should oppose it.

The Palestinians say they will ask for full membership at the UN this week but the US says it will veto the move.

International Middle East envoy Tony Blair told the BBC he wants to make sure the move does not undermine chances of a return to peace talks.

The Palestinians are seeking international recognition of their state based on 1967 borders – the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip.

Israel and the US say a Palestinian state can only be achieved through direct negotiation.

They downplayed the results, as 49% is more than twice 21%.

Mr. Blair still thinks there will be talks, when Israel refuses to hold them, coming up with new excuses as it steals ever more land in the West Bank.

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September 18, 2011   4 Comments