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Online Gambling — Why Now?
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Online Gambling

If you want to play poker online you have to move out of the US to a place like Costa Rica, because the Department of Justice is shutting down online gambling … er, well some online gambling.

High stakes online gambling is still legal:

NEW YORK – The high-speed trading arms race being waged on Wall Street has finally claimed its first major casualty.

Knight Capital Group, a brokerage that handles nearly 11 percent of all stock trading in U.S. companies, is in danger of collapsing after a software glitch triggered millions of unintended orders. The New Jersey firm lost $440 million in less than an hour – nearly four times the company’s profit last year.

In the illegal form you have to put your cash out there immediately, it is only the legal Wall Street casino that lets you bet with other people’s money, and then only show a fraction of the money to place a bet.

This difference makes sense to Congresscritters.