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2012 August 12 — Why Now?
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It Was Quiet Today … Too Quiet

For the first time in the month of August there were no flashes of lightning, no clashes of thunder, no rattle of rain against the windows, and the eaves weren’t dripping.

On the road no one had their headlights on, and windshield wipers were motionless. People had to readjust to sunglasses and leave their umbrellas in the car.

Very strange … probably that climate change that everyone locally talks about not believing in…

I waded through all of the literature and websites of the local candidates and am ready to vote on Tuesday. All of the local candidates, in case you are interested, are white, Christian, conservative Republicans who promise not to raise taxes. Almost all of them are ‘small business owners’ [for a given value of small]. The only major difference is that some of them are incumbents who have had some “minor problems” while in office as they try to ‘make government more efficient and smaller.’

I am only really interested in how many of the incumbents win their elections. If local voters return them to office, they are telling them that those “minor problems” [involving a lot of money and violations of laws] don’t really matter. [IOKIYAR]

In the end my choices were easy as there was usually at least one person running for every office who didn’t have any obvious conflicts of interest. They may actually have conflicts, but they are at least intelligent enough not to highlight them in their campaign literature or on their web site.

You can’t avoid evil, so you may as well opt for some sign of intelligence.

Oh, don’t trust the polling for the Panhandle. I’m one of the few people who still have a landline, so I’m skewing a lot of polls.

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HT: Rook and Democratic Underground.

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