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2012 August 14 — Why Now?
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Election Results

Definitely the normal mixed bag for local elections.

Reelected were the Sheriff, the Tax Collector, the Judge, and the School Board Member.

We have a new Public Defender, Superintendent of Schools, and two new white guys on the County Comission to replace the two white guys who didn’t seek reelection.

The Sheriff’s contest received the most votes, 34,138, which represents 27.6% of the registered voters.

The County has 123,539 registered voters with about 60% registered as Republican, 20% Democrat, and 20% Other affiliation.

Since most of the County elected positions are filled by these low turn-out ‘primary’ elections, about 20% of the voters get to choose the officials.

The entire state uses Clarity Elections to report the Official Results. This was owned by a Tampa company, SOE Software, but they were bought by a Spanish corporation, SCYTL, at the first of the year.

August 14, 2012   2 Comments

No More Mr. Nice Guy

Screw non-violence, this is all out war. I’ve been putting up with their annoying habits and dealing with them in a ‘kinder, gentler’ way, but that is over.

To this point it has been nothing toxic, and no use of force, but that ended when my coffee had cooled to just the right temperature for my first big gulp of the day, and when I picked up there was a fly floating on top.

It’s no more fly traps with the disgusting mixture for bait. They enter, but can’t leave, so they live out their lives feasting on that muck – it’s like giving a person a heart attack by feeding them chocolate.

It is bug zapper time. I want to hear the sound of those scum being electrocuted. It will become the background music of my life until they are all dead. They should have stayed outside, as they always had until this year, but, no, they got pushy. Well, now they will pay the price.

August 14, 2012   33 Comments

Primary Election Day

Voting Sticker

It is primary election day in Florida. This is the only election you get in this county, because the winner of the Republican nomination is the winner of the election in one-party South Fundistan.

If you don’t vote, you can’t complain.

The polls are open until 7PM CDT [no matter what they think in the state capital], but the state will start releasing results at 6PM CDT because they can’t remember there are two time zones.

We do use paper ballots because this is a Republican election and they know how easy it is to steal elections if you use anything else.

August 14, 2012   Comments Off on Primary Election Day