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Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Who polices the police?

Trump’s attitude about the media has caught on with the police at demonstrations. Given that it is the media who reports on police misconduct, the police take every opportunity to strike back. It is bad enough that there is now a Press Freedom Tracker reporting on attacks on the media at demonstrations.

The BBC reported on ‘Unacceptable’ attacks on reporters at protests, that shows that local reporters, national reporters, and foreign teams were all targeted by the police while openly wearing press credentials.

ABC reported on an Australian crew: Seven news crew attacked by charging police in Washington D.C.. They were backed against a wall and slammed with shields.

Then there’s there’s a Louisville, Kentucky attack “I’m Getting Shot!”: Louisville Police open fire On local TV reporter and crew. An officer with a pepper shot gun was obviously aiming at the crew who continued to tape while being assaulted.

I suspect current police officers spent too much time watching Cartman in South Park.

June 9, 2020   2 Comments