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The cops who claimed they got poisoned milk shakes should have known that the “Trump Koronavirus Killer” shake probably had bleach in it. Given the sugar, fat, and cholesterol in a milk shake, people who ride around in cars all day should realize the regular shakes are their own form of poison, especially when ordered with a double bacon cheeseburger and the large fries. 😈

Speaking of COVID-19, the graphic under the weather widget on my left sidebar will lead you to the real statistics of the outbreak in Florida including the number of ICU beds available. Rebekah Jones, the individual who was fired by the state government for not being willing to alter data on the official Florida site she created, created the new site. She knows where to find the data. The data is public, but you have to know where it’s located on the web.

June 17, 2020   4 Comments