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It’s Definitely Miller

Over at Crook & Liars they noticed that Racist-in-Chief Trump goes to Jacksonville on the anniversary of Ax Handle Saturday to receive the official nomination for President from the Republican Party.

Ax Handle Saturday was another attack on black people, this time with ax handles for the crime of wanting to eat at segregated lunch counters in Woolworths and Morrisons. This year is the 60th anniversary of the assault.

They had to use ax handles because they didn’t have a “toy store” like the police do today.

Given Trump’s limited grasp of history it is impossible to believe that during a time of racial turmoil he would have been able to select two locations and dates that would be so disturbing to people of color. This smells of Stephen “I’m NOT related to Count Orlok” Miller.

June 12, 2020   6 Comments