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Still Alive

I was pretty much out of commission for 10 days with bronchitis and the side effects of one of the medications I was prescribed. I’m back but not to the same level prior to being knocked down. Getting old is not for wimps.

I have been watching the world from the viewpoint of a computer screen and trying to manage some repairs without being able to get around, so I decided to reward myself. I ordered a Raspberry Pi 4 with 8 GB of memory to run Ubuntu as it is obvious that Microsoft is going to make my Win 10 machine obsolete.

The Pi was supposed to arrive today according to e-mails, but it didn’t appear so I checked on the tracking. It started out down near Miami and got sent to um… Philadelphia (the one in Pennsylvania). It was then sent to Kentucky and is on the road to who knows where. I don’t actually care that it will get here a day later, except that I don’t want to leave a package on my front stoop. Someone might try to steal it and ammunition is expensive. The paperwork is also annoying – they frown on just throwing bodies in the green bins.

I have been using the outside pickup options where available as DeMentis is still trying to kill the GQP base. The Caudillo de Mar-a-Lago is not pleased with the unGovernor’s rise in the polling and will probably burst his Presidential dreams, or even his reelection as Governor.

Back to shopping for the bits and pieces that are holding this place together.

November 16, 2021   Comments Off on Still Alive