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It’s Over

While it wasn’t officially over until today, There has been no activity since November 8 when Wanda faded. 2021 joins 2005 and 2020 as the only seasons that used all 21 names allotted for the season.

There were two Subtropical Storms, twelve Tropical Storms, and seven Hurricanes with four of the Hurricanes rated as Major (Category 3 or higher).

The Gulf Coast saw six landfalls: one on the Texas/Louisiana border, two in Eastern Louisiana, and three in the Eastern Time Zone of the Florida Panhandle. Rhode Island and South Carolina had one landfall each.

The season started early when Tropical Storm Ana showed up in the third week of May. There is a La Niña in the Pacific, which usually results in a quiet Atlantic. That would be a nice change, but avoid wagering on the way things used to work.

November 30, 2021   2 Comments