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Fir Trees

Tannenbaum are fir trees. They are part of ancient Teutonic/Germanic celebrations of the winter solstice. They are yet another of many “pagan” celebrations absorbed by the Christian Church. They were introduced to the wider world by Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg & Gotha, Prince Consort of Queen Victoria of Britain.

The court of Albert & Victoria was a major social “influencer” in the 19th century. So when Albert put a small fir tree on a table in the palace and decorated it, much of the world followed his example, and the “Christmas tree” was born. It has nothing to do with any currently practiced major religion and is a secular symbol like Santa Claus and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Given how quickly the Faux News faux tree burned, it shouldn’t have been permitted to be erected near structures or people. Maybe Faux News should invest in some security if they are going install a bonfire outside their building. Maybe FDNY should start inspecting these large “trees”.

December 9, 2021   Comments Off on Fir Trees