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Why Not?

As there isn’t a lot I can do under “house arrest”, I installed Ubuntu on my 8GB Raspberry Pi 4. It’s a completely useable desktop with Firefox, Thunderbird, GIMP, LibreOffice, etc. I used a 128GB micro SD I had in spare parts and it is faster than my Toshiba laptop, but not as fast as my AMD tower. It’s better than working from my iPAD which lacks a decent SFTP app.

In local news, now that the number of Covid cases has skyrocketed in Florida, unGovernor DeMentis has gone missing. Has anyone checked Cancun? That seems to be a refuge for GQP pols when the going gets rough. The last post on his social media account was posted weeks after the fact.


1 Kryten42 { 12.31.21 at 11:50 am }

I’ve been playing with my Pi a bit also. It’s power to size/cost ratio is huuuge! It’s a lot more fun than the discrete TTL IC EDUC8 computer I built in 1976, though I haven’t learned as much. 😉 😀 Have fun with it Bryan! 👍😎

Maybe you’ll get lucky & DeMentis will be a C19 statistic? We are all hoping the same for our scumbags in office. 🤷‍♂️

Oh well… It’s 2022 (at 4:47 AM as I type this). Yay. So far… So good! 🙄😏

2 Bryan { 12.31.21 at 5:54 pm }

Ran into a keyboard problem. The latest release of Linux and Ubuntu doesn’t want to work with a wireless Logitech keyboard. I’ve ordered a wired version. It’s weird – I can use the keyboard to sign in but as soon as the UI comes up the keyboard stops working.

I’m testing things with the mouse to the extent I can until the new keyboard arrives. [Important things like Solitaire and mah jong 🙂 ]

3 Kryten42 { 12.31.21 at 6:20 pm }

Ahhhhh… Good ol’ Solitaire & Mahjong! I still play them, usually when I get up and I’m waiting for my coffee, or waiting for a d/l or game update to finish, things like that. 😉 I also play one of my fave puzzle games, Glass Masquerade or Glass Masquerade 2 – Illusions. They are just so relaxing! Beautiful artwork and relaxing music. I just saw they are dirt cheap on STEAM during their Winter sale, AU$2.50 each!

I just bought all 3 of the Dragon Age games on STEAM for AU$20 including all the DLC’s. A bargain! I own them on EA’s crap Origin Access launcher but it has issues (and has for years!) Such as corrupted saves on rare occasions. This way, all game data is saved locally & to the STEAM Cloud. For that alone, was worth the price. I still play the DA series now & then.

Hmmmm… I wonder if STEAM’s Proton (Their Linux Game Manager that uses WINE) would work on the Pi? I may have to look into that. Proton works fine on my Linux Mint install on the PC. Some games actually work better than on Native Windoze! Can’t say I’m surprised really.

That is strange about your Logitech KB… Is it BT or Logitech’s proprietary WiFi? Good luck with it! I know what a PITA that can be.

It’s 11:15 and I haven’t been to bed! Was up all night playing The Elder Scrolls Online (two different character builds both getting to the end of their main quest lines. One took about 2.5 hrs to finish, the other was about 20 min’s less), Black Desert Online and Path of Exile (a new season that started that I’m having a blast with!) 😉 😆

It’s humid. Just turned the Dehumidifier on so I can get some sleep. Have a great day/night Bryan! And good luck with everything. 👋😺

4 Bryan { 12.31.21 at 7:41 pm }

It has something to do with the Logitech transceiver and has been a known issue for a while with the current versions of Ubuntu but not the older LTS versions. It has not been a problem with my big tower, but Ubuntu uses a newer version for their Pi image files.

Thanks for the preview of the new year. Nice to know the world is still around. The “battle of the bayou” started at 6pm local. We have a bridge but it lacks the infrastructure for a fireworks display.

We have been having days in the mid 70s (mid 20s for you) but that’s coming to crashing halt Monday morning when the low drops to 32F/0C. It was nice while it lasted.

5 Anya { 01.01.22 at 7:22 am }

Be sure to wear your helmet Monday morning. Won’t there be a chance of falling iguanas when it gets cold like that?

6 Bryan { 01.01.22 at 11:47 am }

С Новым Годом, Аня.

Down in Central Florida there will definitely be a falling iguana alert if it gets into the 40s. We don’t have that many up here and the local reptiles burrow during the cold.

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