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2023 April 01 — Why Now?
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A Worthy Prank

Duluth Trading Company is an Internet/mail order vendor of work clothes that I occasionally buy from. They also have a sense of humor. Today’s e-mail advertised “Fire Hose® Anti-Cat Suits” and “Pipin’-Hot Pit Pocket Shirts”. Fire Hose® is a heavy-weight canvas that they use for pants and jackets that will certainly protect you from your cat and anything put in the armpit pocket of shirt would probably be warmer that the ambient air.

Of you can’t order either, but the catsuit would make a long-lasting Halloween costume.

April 1, 2023   4 Comments

April Fool’s Day

The BBC’s Spaghetti Harvest is still the top of the list for pranks.

April 1, 2023   Comments Off on April Fool’s Day