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2006 February 01 — Why Now?
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It turns out the Capitol Police really outdid themselves in their t-shirt arrests.

While everyone knows Cindy Sheehan and the trouble they are in for arresting her, they may be in more personal danger from Beverly Young.

Mrs. Young is not a typical Congressional spouse, and people who know her wouldn’t think it was out of character for her to punch someone out if she felt provoked. She spends a lot of time supporting the troops and working for her causes.

The St. Petersburg Times has a profile from last December. Read the entire article and understand that the newspaper had to convince the Youngs to allow them to do the article.

She’s a Republican so she can vote for her husband in primaries, but that is not her ideological party. She and Ms. Sheehan have a lot in common, but Mrs. Young is definitely not into non-violence or G-rated language.

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Culture Ghost was wondering about the “best” way to view the speech. I don’t watch television, but if I did, I would probably turn off the sound and put on a George Carlin album.

You could go Woody Allen, and pull a What’s Up, Tiger Lily, use the video and write your own dialogue, then dub it in a bad Henry Kissinger or Richard Nixon imitation.

Then you overdub with audience reaction of your choice like Mystery Science Theater.

I did catch the call for the “line item veto”. I guess no one told him that Bill Clinton had it until the Supreme Court pointed out that Congress can’t give away its powers. Of course, with Alito on the Court it may be possible now.

I wonder how the Religious Reich feels about having five Catholics on the Court? That could be an interesting situation given the general view of Catholics among many fundamentalist sects. I wouldn’t have brought that up, but it shut up a neighbor who was ragging on me over the failure of the filibuster.

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February 1, 2003

Rick Douglas Husband, Colonel, USAF

William C. McCool, Commander, USN

Payload Commander:
Michael P. Anderson, Lieutenant Colonel, USAF

Mission Specialist:
Kalpana Chawla, PhD
David M. Brown, MD, Captain, USN
Laurel Blair Salton Clark, MD, Captain, USN

Payload Specialist:
Ilan Ramon, Colonel, Israel Air Force

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