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2006 February 04 — Why Now?
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More Irony

I can obviously post, but I can’t access my blog to read what I have posted.


February 4, 2006   Comments Off on More Irony

File Under: Unintended Consequences

Steve Bates who practices lexicological legerdemain at the Yellow Doggerel Democrat has struck while the irony is hot and coined a new word: gerrymangling, the gerund derived from gerrymangle, to redistrict in a manner than results in your loss of elected office.

Use: Tom Delay’s gerrymangling has resulted in a district that will not vote for him.

The “Hammer” has managed to forge his own nemesis with the hubris of his mid-census period re-districting.

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Anne Blooms

Like the hyacinths and daffodils that have exploded through the ground lately, Anne of Peevish has burst back from a slow period in her blogging to produce her own manifesto.

She lays out a lot of good ideas, indicating that she has been storing up and refining her principles while away from the keyboard.

Go. Read. Enjoy.

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Rook Rants

In an attempt to bring some professionalism to blogtopia™ [skippy the bush kangaroo] Rook provides a list of blogging stylistic errors.

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Bankrupt Politicians

Len at Dark Bilious Vapors doesn’t like Harold Ford. One of the reasons is Ford’s support for the Bankruptcy Bill, which I mentioned as one of the reasons I won’t support Bill Nelson.

In his piece on the bill, Len has an opinion from a judge in a case under the new law which explains to the people filing for bankruptcy why he is required to screw them, even though he, the judge, knows it is wrong.

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Atomic Iran

One of the reasons to read foreign news sources like the BBC is that they include things like:

Also, diplomats say Egypt made a proposal to include a reference to making the Middle East a nuclear weapon free zone.

This was rejected by the US, which saw it as an attack on Israel’s nuclear arsenal.

But diplomats told AP news agency that Washington eventually agreed to the clause after it received overwhelming backing from European allies.

Which never seem to make it into the reports from CNN. But then CNN gets quotes from Americans like:

U.S. Sen John McCain, R-Arizona, said military action is the last option for resolving the crisis, but it can’t be ruled out if all diplomatic efforts fail.

McCain, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said that if Iran gained nuclear weapons, it would destabilize the entire Middle East, especially since Ahmadinejad’s recent comments that Israel should be wiped off the map indicate that Iran is “dedicated to the extinction of their neighbor.”

“It’s a very bad option. It’s the worst of all options except for allowing Iran to have nuclear weapons,” McCain said. “We will exhaust all possible options before seriously considering the military option, but it cannot be taken off the table.”

First, John, look at a freaking map. Did Iraq and Jordan slip your mind? Do you really want to bring up the record of countries who have conducted preemptive attacks on other countries in the region?

The real problems in the area all go back to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Nothing anyone does means anything until that core problem is resolved. There is little point in trying to deal with symptoms while avoiding the cause.

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Yes, it’s worse than yesterday.

At a minimum they should put Blogger status on a totally different service so you could find out what’s going on with the site. Hint: if the site is down you can’t tell people what’s happening. The concept is called redundancy and was one of the reasons the military was interested in the concept that led to the Internet.

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