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2006 February 19 — Why Now?
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You Think You Have Problems

As I move through blogtopia™ [skippy the bush kangaroo] I notice various people complaining about their elected officials.

I don’t want to go all whiney, but as bad as the Congresscritter from the First District of Florida has been for years, Joe Scarborough being the most familiar to most people, I haven’t really gotten into the guy who was the alternative in the last several elections, and who has apparently decided to run for the Senate in 2006.

If you have the courage, check out Tom Wells of the Family Values Party. No it isn’t a satire, and that really is the Wells who appeared on my ballot.

Some choice.

February 19, 2006   Comments Off on You Think You Have Problems

Avoid Embarrassment

Orange T-Shirt

There’s nothing worse that being invited to someone’s estate for a weekend and then having to apologize for causing a scene due to a misunderstanding with another guest.

Avoid this social faux pas [pronounced fox pass by real Americans] by wearing this friendly reminder of your status over your SOV™ Dragon Skin® Flexible Body Armor when you take to the field for a fun-filled slaughter of small birds after enjoying a repast of burned flesh and fermented grain.

Don’t think of yourself, think of the shame of your family knowing you’ve burdened the health care system by taking up space in an Intensive Care Unit and causing a surgeon to miss weekend tee times to dig metal fragments out of your body. Think of having to face the media to explain how you blundered in front of the weapon of someone much more important than you, causing them to waste days of expensive staff time trying to fashion an excuse acceptable to the world.

February 19, 2006   Comments Off on Avoid Embarrassment