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2006 February 09 — Why Now?
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Surely This Is A Failure To Communicate

It is being reported that Scooter Libby is claiming that he was authorized to release information about Valerie Plame to reporters by his superiors.

The only person in Scooter’s chain of command with the authority to release classified information is the President, so I hope Scooter’s got it in writing.

According to the Constitution, while the President is alive and well, the Vice President’s sole function is to be the President of the Senate and vote in the case of a tie. The job is so discounted that, unlike the President, a Vice President can be indicted while in office.

I seem to remember the President specifically saying that the leak didn’t originate from the White House, and surely he wouldn’t have said that if he had authorized Libby to talk about Ms. Plame.

You know the possibility of a Vice President being indicted and a President conducting illegal domestic surveillance reminds me of something that happened earlier. I seem to remember there was long running unpopular war involved too. Don’t tell me, I’ll figure it out.

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What Will They Think Of Next?

Tom DeLay has been given the Enron Chair on the House Appropriations Committee and the subcommittee that oversees the Justice Department. This is the chair that Randy “Duke” Cunningham gave up when he pled guilty to bribery and corruptions charges. DeLay’s qualifications for the chair are that he’s a Republican and hasn’t been convicted of the charges that forced him to resign from his House leadership committee.

No word yet on his request for the Abramoff Chair on the Ethics Committee.

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Another Outage

Posted at 7:01PM CST:

Sorry for the short notice. Blogger.com will be down tonight, Thursday, February 9th, from 7:30–8:30PM PST. Blog*Spot will be unaffected.

That’s 9:30-10:30PM CST and it’s only supposed to affect posting, not reading.

Update at 10:46PM CST: at some point they changed the time to 9:00-10:00PM PST, 11:00PM-Midnight CST.

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Smoke and Mirrors

It an attempt to show how important his unconstitutional domestic spying program is to the campaign to provide jobs for incompetent Republicans “War on Terror”, the Shrubbery tells a handpicked audience about foiling a dastardly plot to attack the “Liberty” Tower in Los Angeles.

Even the media at the gaggle are beginning to notice that the grim fairy tales of the Shrubbery don’t make sense.

The mayor of Los Angeles wants to know why the city wasn’t informed of this danger.

The Indonesian Philippine government discovered and broke up this plot before it really got moving.

For those who are wondering, setting off a “shoe bomb” in a pressurized aircraft will probably cause sufficient damage to make it crash.

This was another dirty bomb, Brooklyn Bridge, wild-eyed plot that had zero chance of working. This is the kind of thinking you can read at a lot of the wingnut discussion threads whenever someone mentions Hillary Clinton.

While they are out rounding up the guys coming up with this foolishness they are missing the calm and capable people like Atta who can actually come up with realistic goals and the step by step plans to attain those goals. We are very fortunate that Atta was suicidal, because he knew how to get things done.

I can only hope that someone is following the people with the training and experience to actually carry a plan to its conclusion. My fear is that some of the experienced Iraqi military people will decide to join the al Qaeda movement and provide the expertise that is currently missing.

This speech was an attempt to deflect attention from the fact that these people are using the military to spy on the American people in violation of the law and Constitution. If this were just about terrorists, there would be no need for this charade.

Update: John McKay posts on this with Another Bush lie? and in the comments the farmer covers an earlier plot in the Philippines that was probably the genesis of the plot.

The Philippine and Malaysian security forces fighting Jamal Islamia, a separate organization but associated with al Qaeda, broke up the plot and continue the battle against the organization that is responsible for the Bali bombings and unrest in the Philippines.

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