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If the President has the power to overrule the Posse Comitatus Act and use the National Security Agency, a military organization, to spy on Americans why couldn’t he use the military to save Americans from the flood waters in New Orleans without the permission of the governor of Louisiana?

If we are at war as a result of 9/11 why didn’t Congress issue a declaration of war instead of an Authorization for Use of Military Force?

If they felt hemmed in by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act why didn’t they make adjustments in the USA PATRIOT Act. The PATRIOT Act had everything else under the sun it, so why wasn’t there any tweaking for perceived problems with the FISA system?

How can anyone believe that ignoring the Fourth Amendment does anything but advance the cause of the terrorists? How can you support the Constitution by ignoring it?

The President is selected by a majority of 535 electors. Each state has the right to designate its share of the total by any means it finds appropriate. While states may have laws that would punish “unfaithful electors”, whoever a majority of them select is the President of the United States. How can someone receiving fewer actual votes than most small town mayors unilaterally decide that the law of the land is not binding?