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The Weasel On Fox — Why Now?
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The Weasel On Fox

Cheney realized that he couldn’t fake it forever and admits the shooter has the responsibility.

Of course, he did it in the controlled environment of a Fox News interview with Brit Hume, rather than a press conference. No point in having to explain anything that hasn’t been scripted.

I finally looked at the Texas game warden’s report which indicates that Mr. Whittington was wearing an orange hat and vest, that he was struck on his left side [right side from the warden’s point of view] and, from the diagram, I would estimate that the aiming point at the time of the shot was about 6 feet above the ground and between one and two feet to Mr. Whittington’s left [right for the shooter].

The fact that whether Mr. Cheney had completed a hunter safety course was unknown would indicate that the game warden is another official who didn’t get to speak to Mr. Cheney.

The report says the area was flat, light cover, sunny, fair visibility, and clear weather, in other words, there were no environmental reasons for not seeing someone wearing “blaze orange”.

Corrected the spelling of Faux anchor weasel.