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No Problem For Cruella d’Harris — Why Now?
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No Problem For Cruella d’Harris

I’ve seen several people talking about the head of MZM Inc. who just cut a deal in the Randy Cunningham case. He brought up his having made illegal campaign contributions to the current Republican candidate for the Senate in Florida, Katherine “Our Lady of the 2000 Vote Theft” Harris.

Sorry, but as this June, 2005 article in the Pensito Review, makes clear, not only was the 2004 MZM Inc. $50,000 illegal contribution known about, but the illegal 1994 Riscorp $20,292 contribution is part of Cruella’s resumé.

While I don’t doubt she is annoyed by having to spend some of her personal millions on repaying these possible bribes, they are so characteristic of her feeling of entitlement that they don’t affect her base. If you really knew Creulla, you’d realize that this was more probably extortion than bribery. As her unchallenged run displays, running against Harris in a primary is not something any Republican really wants to do.

Karl Rove is lucky that Cruella doesn’t see him as a real threat to her whims or he would find out what a truly nasty campaign can be like. Trust me, it is much better to be a Democrat than a Republican when it comes to Harris.