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The Wisdom of Elders

I stopped in to see my Mother tonight and out of the blue she asked me what has happened to John McCain. She wondered if he had been in an accident or something, because she thought he had lost his mind from some of the things he has been saying recently.

Now, I don’t think my Mother would ever really consider voting for McCain, she’s has been a Democrat since FDR took over from Hoover, but she respected him for his service. Now, she thinks his family needs to get him some help before things get worse.

I have a sneaking suspicion that the Shrubbery’s people have made him the same offer they made Cruella de Harris to get her to let Mel Martinez run for the Senate in 2004, if you back our plan, we will help you in the next election. John, they were lying to you like they lied to her. The loyalty is all one way with these people. Harris and Libby have found out that they will cast you aside without a thought on a whim. You have sold your soul for nothing.