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Terry at Nitpicker is a year older.

Scorpio at Eccentricity celebrates a third blogiversary.

Steve Gilliard at News Blog is in the hospital.

Maru at WTF is it now? has lost a friend.

February 24, 2007   Comments Off on Transitions

Seen On The ‘Net

The joys of just clicking around on sites:

BBC Washington correspondent Matt Frei talking about US media: Washington diary: Martians and celebs. It’s nice to know that other people share my opinion of the “feel good, short attention span” of the American media scene.

About those “ignorant towel heads” in the Middle East, the BBC has a report, Advanced geometry of Islamic art, that tells us: “Researchers in the US have found 15th Century examples that use the concept of quasicrystalline geometry.” If you are not familiar with “quasicrystalline geometry”, it’s probably because the West didn’t “discover” it until the end of the 20th Century.

February 24, 2007   Comments Off on Seen On The ‘Net