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I tend to be behind the curve on some topics because I want open source information before I discuss them. The problem with ever having worked in a classified field is that you don’t want to reveal classified information [unless you are an unprincipled political hack, who wants to smear people who expose your lies] even by accident.

The other problem is that I don’t want to give information to whackos who would use it to hurt people, even themselves. If some things don’t seem clear, it is because I don’t want them to be clear [or I messed up, which is possible].

A cannon is nothing more than a pipe that is closed at one end, filled with a chemical that burns or explodes, and has an object jammed down the open end. When the chemical is ignited, the pressure created pushes the object out of the pipe with a good deal of force.

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Friday Cat Blogging

Tummy Rubs

Friday Cat Blogging

Come on. Do it neowww!

[Editor: Sox is apt to flop down anywhere, if he wants his stomach scratched.]

Friday Ark

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