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Iraq Supply Line

US supplies are primarily coming by road from Kuwait. Southern Iraq is where the UK troops are based.

Over at Sic Semper Tyrannis Wayne White wants people to consider the implications for the US supply line of A Phased UK Withdrawal.

Steve Gilliard of News Blog has talked about the US supply line problems if there is an attack on Iran for months, and now the force that has been protecting a major portion of that line is leaving.

February 22, 2007   2 Comments

Hello, Chickenhawks

This is how it’s done.

According to the BBC: Harry Iraq deployment no surprise

And so, just as the prime minister announces the start of Britain’s phased withdrawal from Iraq, Second Lieutenant Harry Wales of the Household Cavalry, is preparing for a tour of duty in that country.


But Second Lieutenant Harry Wales will be there, doing his duty with the rest of his regiment, while his father, elder brother and grandmother will – with several thousand other British families – suddenly have a very personal stake in the progress of this particular campaign, and an insight into the stresses that it can provoke.

They may even find themselves reflecting that not a single senior member of this government, the ministers of the Crown who committed Britain to the Iraqi intervention, has had an equivalent experience.

Strange how the real supporters of this mess can’t seem to find the time to serve. It doesn’t take much courage when you are risking the life and limbs of strangers. Lieutenant Wales is going because it’s his job, his duty, not because he thinks it’s a good idea.

February 22, 2007   4 Comments